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Evis De Paris

EVIS DE PARIS - Bonsoir Blush Goddess

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EVIS DE PARIS French Blush Goddess is a lightweight & high pigmented powder that delivers natural all-day color. This blendable and natural yet noticeable blush wears evenly and enhances skin tone with a radiant glow.
Long lasting blush ideal for dark skin, pale skin, and every tone in between. 

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Made in Paris, France

The ultimate beauty tool. Evis De Paris’s exclusive collection of cosmetics includes our newest “Bonsoir Blush Goddess!” for all your makeup needs and to create the perfect amount of coverage.
Glides on the lips like a dream? Then you have no need to go looking glitzy in these all-over pigments that will give your cheeks the perfect dose of color and shine!